Prices and conditions
Price per night 2021
Low season
SEK 850:-
High season (week 23-35)
SEK 950:-
Price per week 2021
Lowe season
SEK 4 300:-
High season (week 23-35)
SEK 4 900:-
Bedclothes and towels
SEK 85:-

During high season we rent out the apartment
preferably per week, (Saturday-Saturday).

For longer stays please contact us to invite tenders.

The apartment is at your desposal from three o´clock the arriving day until twelve noon the departing day. In high season, when renting for a week,
exchange on Saturday applies.

When making a reservation, you will receive a confirmation with all bank details. A deposit must be paid within 10 days of reciving this confirmation. The
fee will be deducted from the rent. The remaining sum must be paid no later than 30 days in advance. If you make a reservation later than 30 days before arrival the full rent must be paid within 10 days from booking date.

The apartment shall be properly cleaned by departure. If you like us to clean you will be charged SEK 450:-. Smoking indoors is not allowed.